EBEC Belgrade

Belgrade days of engineers – EBEC Belgrade

“Meet the future, awaken your creativity, be successful!”

Belgrade days of engineers – EBEC Belgrade (European BEST Engineering Competition) is a project aimed at students from technical-technological, natural science and mathematical faculties at the University of Belgrade. By partaking in the local round of the competition students will be contending in the two categories – Team Design and Case Study. This year, the eleventh annual “Days of engineers” will be from the 14th to 18th of March.

Students will get a chance to not only develop their engineering, but also their presentation skills by listening to numerous workshops and training sessions that are being held as part of the competition.

Team Design represents one of the most creative type of competing as students solve a specific engineering problem by constructing a device that can perform a specific function such as a forklift, catapult or musical instrument.
By doing this students have a chance to showcase their knowledge, creativity, teamwork as well as many other skills that can be attributed to a young engineer.
Students compete in teams of four.

Case Study enables students to improve their skills by solving and presenting their solution of a specific technical or technical-managerial problem, by using their previous experience and acquired knowledge.
Teams are made up for participants.


Winners of the local round, qualify for the regional EBEC Balkan (Balkan Regional Engineering Competition) that will be held in Novi Sad.